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Hydrate Well is Bioavailable Magnesium in Premium Lemon Cordial.
Bioavailable Magnesium in Premium Lemon Cordial
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About Us

Magnesium Remedy is part of the Unique Global Possibilities Group. The Unique Global Possibilities Group seeks unique solutions, through fundamental and applied research, to global medical, environmental and energy generation problems.  Unique Global Possibilities undertakes research in USA, Canada and Australia.


One focus of the Group’s research is the chemical and biochemical properties of water.  An understanding of the unique chemistry of water, and water’s role in determining the structure and function of biological molecules, provides the foundation for an understanding of all life processes including human health and longevity.  An understanding of the unique chemistry of water provides also the foundations for sustaining a clean environment and generating clean energy for commercial and industrial use.


All research conducted by the Unique Global Possibilities Group is socially responsible and complies with the highest standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the USA, Canadian and Australian governments.