Magnesium Remedy | Directions For Use
Hydrate Well is Bioavailable Magnesium in Premium Lemon Cordial.
Bioavailable Magnesium in Premium Lemon Cordial
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Magnesium Remedy is designed to be diluted in drinking water and consumed throughout the day.

To make one standard glass

Mix 1 teaspoon (5ml) of Magnesium Remedy in a standard glass (250ml) of drinking water

To make a 1L drink bottle

Mix 4 teaspoons (20ml) of Magnesium Remedy in 1 litre of drinking water

After a typical dilution, 1 litre of drinking water

contains approximately 100mg of bioavailable magnesium.

Magnesium Remedy contains natural lemons grown in Australia.  Natural lemon fibre is present and will be visible in each glass of water prepared as above.


 Lemons are a natural product.  Slight variations may occur in colour and taste at various times of the year.